Yvette was one of Morte D'Amour's followers, she was a sadist who enjoyed rotting on people and sometimes a necrophiliac. She was the one that had made Warrick a vampire in 1200, and had tortured Warrick for many years. During the Vampire Council's tour of the United States, she forced Warrick to burn down buildings in every city they had visited, under orders from her master, who like Mr Oliver opposed the legalization of vampires. Upon their arrival to the States, Warrick's powers slowly grew to their full potential, and he burned Yvette to death.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

Although over 1000 years old, Yvette was not a master vampire. Most of her powers came from her master, Morte D'Amour, who also kept Warrick from becoming a master vampire and thus become free of Yvette.

  • Rotting Vampire. As one of Morte D'Amour's bloodline, Yvette could allow her body to rot into a decaying corpse or even fall apart without suffering damage, and she was only vulnerable to sunlight and fire. Also because she had made Warrick a vampire she could force him to rot, and often did so to punish him.
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