The Yellow Clan, also known as the Golden Clan, is a weretiger clan that has been believed to be extinct for centuries. Their continued existence comes as a great surprise for most preternatural communities.

  • Group Name: Yellow Clan
  • Current Leader: Anita (the only clan Queen in existence today).
  • Alliances:
    • A few individuals are animals to call to some vampires of the Harlequin and as such exempt of Marmee Noir's degree that the tigers must be destroyed.
    • Larger numbers have been secretly hidden away by some members of the Harlequin. One such group is brought by Jake to St. Louis for protection from assassination.


The Yellow Clan was once the leader of all weretiger clans and served only the Father of the Tigers a.k.a. the Father of the Day. The Yellow Clan's tigers derived their power from life itself, from the sun through the earth. Golden weretigers could also use this power to draw strength from and control the earth. Through this power of life and sunlight, the golden weretigers were the antithesis of vampires and Marmee Noir a.k.a. the Mother of All Darkness. Although the golden weretigers' element is referred to as the sun itself, they were said to be also able to control the elements of other colors of weretigers.

Thousands of years before the beginning of the series Marmee Noir attempted to kill all the golden weretigers in order to prevent their power from killing her one day. Marmee Noir killed the last known High Queen of the Yellow Clan and thus weakened the Father of the Tigers, allowing her to defeat him and steal his powers. She prompted the First Emperor of China to attempt to hunt the tigers into extinction, forcing them into exile.

She permitted her servants, the Harlequin, to keep their yellow tigers as their animals to call, but continued to hunt down other members of the Yellow Clan until they were believed to be extinct. Secretly some of the Harlequin spared some of the yellow tigers and hid them from Marmee Noir, breeding the bloodline until the day they can put the Darkness back to sleep.

After Marmee Noir loses her body and possesses the Vampire Council she starts the serious hunt for weretigers again. After some Harlequin lose the yellow tigers they were protecting, Jake and his master bring the group under their protection to Anita and Jean-Claude. Jake requests that Anita would bind one of his golden tigers to her as one of her animals to call, and she chooses Mephistopheles a.k.a. Devil. Binding herself to the golden weretigers allows Anita to kill Marmee Noir when she attempts to possess Anita.

Although golden weretigers have been in exile from China for over two thousand years they still follow a pantheistic religion that originated there. The religion has evolved over time, influenced by the cultures of the various countries they have hidden in, but their faith is still strong.[1] They also believe in the weretiger prophecy that speaks of a vampire who will be able to control all the tigers and will kill the Father of the Tigers and Marmee Noir.

Known membersEdit

  • Envy - One of the yellow tigers that are brought to St Louis by Jake for their protection. Becomes Jean-Claude's yellow tiger to call. (Bullet)
  • Good Angel - Mephistopheles's sister. One of the yellow tigers that are brought to St. Louis by Jake for their protection.
  • Martino - One of the yellow tigers that are brought to St Louis by Jake for their protection.
  • Mephistopheles aka Dev - Brought to St Louis by Jake for his protection. Becomes Anita's yellow tiger to call. (Bullet)
  • Pride - One of the yellow tigers that are brought to St Louis by Jake for their protection.
  • Soledad - Was the animal to call of one of the Harlequin. She is killed in The Harlequin.
  • Thorn - One of the yellow tigers that are brought to St Louis by Jake for their protection.
  • Topaz - The animal to call of one of the Harlequin. Comes to St. Louis to spy on Anita and Jean-Claude.

References Edit

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