Witches appear to be humans with magical talent focused through a variety of rituals. The novels contain numerous passing references to witches.

  • Upon issuance of a warrant, witches now may be executed rather than captured and held for trial because, like vampires, there is no reliable way to confine a witch safely. Some witches can pass through bars, while others can use their powers from within a cell.
  • Similar to the relationship between a vampire and its human servant, a witch's powers are magnified if the witch's familiar is nearby.
  • A sufficiently powerful witch can curse others. Anita describes this process as not being a ritual, but rather the result of a witch focusing his or her entire magical power on another. One of the characters in The Lunatic Cafe was cursed to become a shapeshifter and shift into a swan.
  • The term "witch" is apparently used very generally, to refer to everyone from Wiccans to dark magicians such as the coven Anita meets in The Lunatic Cafe.
  • Most witches connect their power and rituals to nature in some way. (Lunatic Cafe)
  • Modern witches are less powerful than ancient witches. Anita notes that contem witches can’t turn people into toads. (Serpentine)

Type of WitchesEdit

American WitchesEdit

"Followers of the Way", a Christian Wiccan group, considered by some to be elitist or even fanatical. Local detective Tammy Reynolds is a member.

Egyptian Witches Edit

They dance to gather power. They can invoke a god through doing so, like Christians can invoke their God when face-to-face with a vampire or demon.

Known Witches Edit

  • Elvira Drew - She and one of her coven begin to kidnap were-animals to steal their skins so that they may be able to shapeshift at will. They mistake a Naga for a were-snake. She appears in The Lunatic Café.
  • Lenora Evans - Wife to Dr. Evans, she helped her husband with the victims of the attacks in New Mexico during Obsidian Butterfly. She also advises Anita about her metaphisical connections with Jean-Claude and Richard.
  • Marianne - The vargamor of the Oak Tree Clan, and adviser to Anita. She first appeared in Blue Moon, was mentioned in later books, and had a telephone conversation with Anita in Incubus Dreams.
  • Shahar - She could control a massive Egyptian cobra. Killed when the Earthmover over-rode her control and made the snake attack her. (Circus of the Damned)
  • Tammy Reynolds - The first police detective with preternatural abilities beyond psychic gifts and a member of RPIT. Married to Larry Kirkland.
  • Todd Bering - A "natural witch" diagnosed with schizophrenia, that summones a demon. (Skin Trade)