Wicked, brother of Truth, is a vampire of considerable power. Together with his brother, he was able to kill his entire bloodline after their sourdre de sang went insane and the vampires of their line began randomly killing people. The council voted on whether or not to kill Wicked and Truth also, with Belle Morte actually voting to save them, but the brothers were left masterless, which weakened them, until Incubus Dreams, when Anita binds them to Jean-Claude. Wicked and Truth ("The Wicked Truth") are considered among the greatest of all vampire warriors.

Although in Incubus Dreams it is stated that Wicked is not a master, in a later book, Danse Macabre, he is a master vampire. It is unclear whether this is a continuity error, or if being masterless had reduced his power enough that he was no longer a master vampire.

In Hit List, Wicked and Truth are mentioned as being the only two vampires to survive when the head of their bloodline died.[1]

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References Edit

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