Werewolves have a variety of private terms that are primarily borrowed from Norse mythology, although a few stem from Greco-Roman myths instead.

Roles within pack Edit

  • Ulfric - The king or leader of a werewolf pack.
  • Lupa - The mate of the male leader of the werewolf pack.
  • Skoll - The primary enforcer of the pack. The Skoll and Hati of the pack both enforce the will of the Ulfric and protect him.
  • Hati - The secondary enforcer of the pack.
  • Bolverk - The person who metes out punishments that the Ulfric does not feel comfortable giving.
  • Geri - Pack's second-in-command after the Ulfric.
  • Freki - Pack's third-in-command.
  • Fenrir - Pack's second-in-command who has announced their intent to challenge the current Ulfric for leadership of the pack. Traditionally, the Fenrir will call the pack leader out to fight to the death.
  • Freyja - Pack's Lupa who has ritually challenged the Ulfric's right to their bed and fidelity.
  • Eros or Eranthe - Member of the pack who is designated or entrusted to teach newly infected wolves how to control their strength and beasts during sexual intercourse.

Other terminology Edit

  • Lupanar - The word werewolves use of their sacred meeting place.
  • Lukoi - The word werewolves use of themselves. Can hold implications of their culture and traditions that go deeper than the simple physical reality of their species.
  • Munin - Departed spirits of past pack members that were consumed by the pack to preserve their memories and abilities for times of need.