Werefoxes are a breed of shapeshifters (and presumably, albeit not necessarily, lycanthropes) that transform into foxes. We don't know a whole lot about them, since as of Serpentine we have only met one werefox in person: Gilbert. This may indicate that werefoxes are very rare and that the strain may not be very contagious, or simply that they keep to their clan lands like weretigers tend to do.

Foxes of China Edit

There are reportedly "fox people" (presumably werefoxes) still living in China, which was also the original home of the tiger clans. It's unclear if this holds true for foxes as well, or if that's just one of many fox areas. The communists of China managed to kill or drive away almost all non-human species that were left over from the persecution that started with Emperor Qin Shi Huang, but the foxes look like the local humans and can hide in plain sight, unlike the clan tigers. As wizards were assisting in the communists' purge, this may or may not mean that werefoxes have some trick or ability that helps them to hide from magical detection as well.

Appearance Edit

Gilbert with his golden red hair and up-tilted green eyes doesn't sound stereotypically Chinese, even if red hair isn't unheard of in the local population. Gilbert might also be a descendant of some other fox clan, or simply a product of his ancestors intermarrying with humans who tend towards lighter and/or blazing hair. Either way, Anita's first impressions of Gilbert sound distinctly fox-like, which wouldn't be a benefit for blending in. He manages to pass for a human in St. Louis, though, until a car accident reveals his enhanced healing, so it's possible he just doesn't try to hide what he is when he's among people who are in the know.

Behaviour and abilities Edit

It's impossible to tell based on Gilbert alone whether all werefoxes are naturally timid and nervous creatures, or if that has something to do with Gilbert's personality or personal history. We also haven't seen enough of Gilbert to be able to judge how many traditional lycanthropic characteristics he possesses, but he definitely has enhanced healing, and displays somewhat animal-like gestures.

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