The werebears are one of a number of lycanthropes, humans inflicted with a supernatural virus which alows them to take the the power and appearance of a specific species of animal, in this case, bear.

Powers Edit

  • Heightened hearing, agility and endurance; they are significantly stronger and faster then normal humans.
  • While regular weapons can cause them injury, they will heal most wounds given time, but are still vulnerable to silver and fire.
  • Transformation from human to animal form heals most injuries instantly, up to and including fresh loss of limbs unless the wound has been cauterized, but quick transformations use up a lot of energy and only the most powerful werebears can transform into an animal and back without immediately passing out in exhaustion afterwards and sleeping for several hours.

Notable werebears Edit

  • Goran - a member of The Harlequin
  • Nilda (Brunhilda) - a werebear from an extinct species of red bear, a member of The Harlequin
  • Orlando King a.k.a. Chimera - panwere

Werebear terminology Edit

  • Ursa - Queen of a group of werebears
  • Sleuth - A group of werebears