"God will call me to his arms soon. I am after all a dead man."

Warrick was one of Morte D'Amour's followers, and had been made a vampire in the 1100's by Yvette, when he was a knight of the First Crusade. Warrick had the ability to control and create fire (pyrokinesis), and believed it to be a gift from God. Upon reaching the status of master vampire while in St. Louis, he gained the many new abilities. He burned himself to death when he killed Yvette.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

Warrick was close to 900 years old, having been made a vampire during the Crusades. Although he was a master vampire his powers didn't manifest until he was far from the influence of Morte d'Amour, who most likely had been dampening his powers so he would continue to be Yvette's servant. Some of the abilities displayed are:

  • Animal to call. Once he became a master vampire he discovered he could call butterflies.
  • Daywalker. Another ability he received once he became a master vampire was that to walk in the day. Although he could not walk in direct sunlight he could walk in arise with shadows. He also reverted to his rotting vampire form.
  • Master Swordsman. Warrick had been in life a knight of the Crusades, and his preferred weapon was a sword. His skills were exceptional as demonstrated when he defeated Damian in a dual.
  • Rotting. As one of Morte d'Amour's bloodline he was a rotting vampire.
  • Pyrokinesis. Warrick was described as a supernatural firebug. He attributed his immunity to fire to God. As long as he wished it so his own fire could not harm him.
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