Victor Belleci is the son of the Master of the City of Las Vegas, Maximillian, and his wife Bibiana. Victor is an unmated Tiger King, the first in centuries. Victor is tall, broad-shouldered, with white hair cut very short and pale blue tiger eyes.

Victor is also his father's second in command and takes care of his affairs while Maximillian sleeps during the day. This sometimes leads to conflicts with Bibiana, who puts clan power above the good of the city.

When Anita Blake visits Las Vegas in Skin Trade Victor is present at the meeting between Anita and his mother. Bibiana wants to control Anita, wanting that Anita and Victor start a new clan of pure blood white weretigers. He accompanies Anita and the police when they are searching for the weretiger that has been helping Vittorio. Victor later helps Anita heal from an injury.

In Bullet, Victor is one of the white weretigers that come to St. Louis to help Anita become a master of all tigers.