Verne is a werewolf, Ulfric of Oak Tree Clan, and owner of Blue Moon Cabins. We meet him for the first time in Blue Moon, and learn that Richard has been visiting with Verne's pack for several years every summer and considers them friends. Verne has a rockier start with Anita, but they become friends and allies in the end.

Appearance Edit

Verne is tall and thin. He has shoulder-length grey hair that he sometimes wears on a loose ponytail. His mustache is darker than his hair. He has lines in his face, but his body is lean and seems to belong to a younger man. His voice is drawling and gravelly with a low bass rumble to it, and his laugh a deep, rolling chuckle that matches the voice. His attire of choice is jeans and a T-shirt.

When Verne pretends to be human he walks in an almost clumsy roll like his arms and legs were too long for his body. He is powerful enough to raise goose bumps on Anita's skin without even trying.

History within series Edit

Blue Moon Edit

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Narcissus in Chains

In this novel Verne is mentioned in his role as Anita's mentor in all things lycanthropic -- he has been teaching her werewolf pack roles and helped her to form the St. Louis wereleopards into a true pard. There are also references to Verne's jealous lupa who has made it necessary for Verne to employ Eros and Eranthe in his pack. Verne and his pack are also mentioned briefly in relation to munin, which Anita has been practicing controlling after calling them at Verne's lupanar in Blue Moon.