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Vampire Executioners are individuals authorized to kill vampires pursuant to a warrant of execution. Most vampire executioners only kill vampires, but Anita Blake and some others also investigate and battle other supernatural beings and even the humans who serve them. As of Cerulean Sins all executioners have received federal status.

Vampire executioners are very rare. In Bloody Bones, Anita states that she is only aware of eight living vampire executioners in the United States, two of whom are retired.


  • Warrents are provided by DPEA (sometimes pronunced Dopa).
    Marshal badge

    Federal Marshal Badge

  • Once a warrant of execution is in effect and the hunt begins a vampire executioner is legally bound to keep his kit in sight, or secured by him, or with him watching, in an area out of sight of the general public.
  • Standard clause in the warrants:
    • "Marshals are allowed to use all force up to and including deadly, if they feel that they or a civilian are in imminent and life-threatening danger, It further allows any officer with the marshal, or acting in a backup capacity to use any and all force to protect the lives of the marshal and any civilians"
  • While hunting a executioner must wear a vest and helmet.

Federal Marshal StatusEdit

After the Brewster's Law is passed all vampire executioners are grandfathered into federal status, after they qualify on a shooting range. As federal marshals they are permited to enter any preternatural crime scene, or follow a vampire or other non-human crime suspect across state lines.


As per law requirements, a vampire executioner must carry stakes and a mallet in his kit, even if they do not use them. The kit must also contain a vest and helmet, which he must use while on a hunt. The kit can also contain vials of holy water, and blessed crosses, and an assortment of firearms with silver ammo. Executioners have special "right" to use phosphorus grenades against vampires and lycanthropes.

Known ExecutionersEdit

  • Anita Blake - St. Louis, Missouri.
  • Denis-Luc St. John - New Orleans, Louisiana.
  • Gerald Mallory - Washington, DC.
  • John Burke - St. Louis, Missouri.
  • Larry Kirkland - St. Louis, Missouri.
  • Manny Rodriguez - St. Louis, Missouri. (Retired)
  • Morgan - Atlanta, Georgia. (Deceased)
  • Otto Jeffries - A alias of Olaf.
  • Theodore Forester aka Edward - Santa Fe, New Mexico.
  • Tony - Also known as Wizard. Las Vegas, Navada. (Deceased)

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