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    Animal to Call

    June 2, 2011 by Jabberwokk

    Having recently discovered the series I am almost caught up to the most recent book, however I have noticed something. I was trying to figure out a list of what was who's animal to call, and which wereperson in specific was called, and noticed there was no list of such things. Now, being new to this wiki I am not sure if things like that are done, so if you guys just don't do that thats cool too.

    What I mean by list of animals to call and who is who I mean, for example.

    Character - Animal to Call - Specific person

    Jean-claud - Wolf - Richard Zeeman

    Asher - Hyena =

    Anita Blake - Panther, Wolf, Tiger, Lion - Nathanial Graison (panther), Jason Schuyler (wolf), Crispin (tiger)

    something like that

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