Trolls are a group of bipedal primates, and the only other primate species who walk as humans do. They are known scavengers, use tools and buried their dead with flowers and personal articles. Although they have a low birth rate, once a troll band reaches a certain number, they can split into an offshoot group that moves to a new territory.

Some early theories had said trolls were the missing link between man and ape.


European Lesser TrollsEdit

Not much is revealed about this species except that they sometimes hunt, but rarely would they take something bigger then a dog.

Greater European Forest TrollsEdit

Not much is revealed about this species. The Medieval Europeans bred a species of dog called the Trollhound to hunt these trolls into extinction. Anita tells this to the local police in Bramson when she leads an illfated hunt for one of Serephina's people.

Greater Smokey Mountain TrollEdit

A large aggressive and carnivorous species of troll, ranging from eight to twelve feet tall. They were hunted to extinction, because they had been fond of pulling trees up by their roots, beating people to death with them, and then eating the marrow out of their bones.

Lesser Smokey Mountain TrollEdit

A small North American species, usually between three and a half feet to around five feet tall. Diet consists mostly of plants but occasionally carrion or insects. They walk as humans do, the only other primate species to do so, and are covered in black colored "fur". They are also what Richard Zeeman has studied for four years in order to obtain his master's degree.

North American Cave TrollEdit

The smallest troll species on North America, one member of the species (named Peter) was attempted to be converted into Christianity, by a human named Simon Barkley.


There had been at least two famous cases of circuses in the early 1900s that toured with trolls but listed them as wild men. American settlers had been killing trolls for centuries and by the early 1900s, they'd been rare enough to be oddities. In 1910 a scientific journal published an article that proved that the trolls used tools and buried their dead with flowers and personal articles. The newspapers expanded on that information, proclaiming that the trolls mentioned must believe in an afterlife. This lead Simon Barkley to capture a North American Cave Troll and try and convert him to Christianity. Barkley wrote a book describing his time with Peter that produced enough publicity to make trolls a very discussed subject. Trolls were the first protected species in America, although the Greater Smokey Mountain Troll was not protected and was hunted to extinction. There still exists a troll society called Peter's Friends.


  • In Blue Moon, Anita Blake remarks that the persons that were framing the Tennessee trolls of killing goats and humans had read too much Billy Goats Gruff.

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