This is an attempt to present the events of the series in a single timeline. It should be noted that especially after the events of The Harlequin the timeline becomes somewhat vague and contains a lot of guesswork. This is because the articles in question don't list the timeline information. Whether this is because the articles are still in progress, or because the novels simply don't give enough clues about when they happen, is unclear, but the newest novels at least are so long that finding that crucial sentence or a few might take some trying.

Because the series rarely uses actual years for anything, we treat the year of Guilty Pleasures as year 0, and count from there to either direction.


novels and short stories

other notable events

-26 Richard is born
-24 Anita is born
-16 - -19 Manny gives up vaudun [1]
-16 Anita's mother dies
-10 - -11 Anita accidentally raises her pet dog

Anita is sent to Grandmother Flores

Zerbrowski marries Katie

-4 Those Who Seek Forgiveness (short) [1] Bert and Manny found Animators, Inc.
-3 Addison vs. Clark [2]

Gaia's law

Anita graduates

Anita joins Animators, Inc.

Anita meets Ronnie

Anita meets Edward

Anita helps to destroy a pack of vampires who killed Beverly Chin's family

-2 Selling Houses (short) [1]

The First Death (comics)

Anita becomes preternatural expert for R.P.I.T.[3]

Manny retires from vampire hunting after 4 months in hospital

0 Jan
Apr Animators, Inc. moves to new offices
Jul Guilty Pleasures
Aug The Laughing Corpse
Sep Pioneer program started: vampire counselors provided for the freshly risen

John Burke joins Animators, Inc.[1]

Oct Circus of the Damned Larry joins Animators, Inc.
Dec The Lunatic Cafe
1 Jan
Feb Senator Brewster's daughter is killed by a vampire
Mar Bloody Bones
May The Killing Dance Larry graduates
Jun Burnt Offerings [4]
Aug Blue Moon
2 Jan
May Obsidian Butterfly
Jun Narcissus in Chains
Sep Cerulean Sins Anita becomes a U.S. Marshal

Anita first "does" Asher

Somnolent Marmee Noir "notices" Anita

Oct Incubus Dreams
Nov Micah (novella)

Danse Macabre [1]

The Harlequin [1]

3 A lost year? [5]
4 early summer Blood Noir [1]
late summer Skin Trade [1]

Flirt [1]

5 spring Bullet [1][5]
Aug Hit List
6 spring Kiss the Dead [1]
Affliction [1]
Aug Dancing (eShort)
Shutdown (eShort) [1][6]
Jason (novella) [1]
Dead Ice [1]
Wounded [1]
7 Crimson Death [1]
2016 Nov A Girl, a Goat, and a Zombie (eShort) [6]
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  2. Inconsistency: In Dead Ice Anita claims to have been at her senior year in college at the time of Addison vs. Clark, but she graduated at age 21, three years before Guilty Pleasures, while the court case is initially said to have happened only two years before that. However, Burnt Offerings places the court case four years before that novel's events, which could match the senior year version if the court case happens only shortly before her graduation. Bloody Bones, which is set some months before Burnt Offerings, places the court case three years previously, which could also suggest that the court case happened in late March at the earliest. If Anita graduated in May as Larry does, this would make April a likely month for the court case.
  3. This happens sometime after Saint Patrick's Day, as in Bloody Bones Anita says she's been working with R.P.I.T. for almost three years, and a few weeks before The First Death.
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