"I am merely borrowing his body. I borrow a great many bodies, don't I, Jean-Claude?"
—The Traveler to Jean-Claude[src]

The Traveler's true name is unknown. He has the ability to possess other vampire's bodies, though that vampire's consciousness is still awake. This seems to be limited only to vampires considerably weaker than himself; Jean-Claude was once the victim of this ability. The Traveler's own body was not present on his visit to St. Louis, only his consciousness possessing other vampires. The Traveler stop making vampires long ago and his bloodline has dwindled in numbers. His true body is hidden away someplace for fear that of his body is destroyed he will die.

The Traveler was the only member of the Council who is revealed to have known Oliver's plans to take over St. Louis and then use the vampires to make them illegal in the states there. He did nothing, stating that council members do not fight other council members. He also does not like Padma.

He is a strictly homosexual vampire, whose human servant, Balthasar, is also his lover. A large part of their relationship appears to revolve around the enjoyment they each derive from the Traveler possessing new bodies for use in their sexual antics.

When the vampires of America petitioned the Council for permission to kill Jean-Claude and Anita, the Traveler along with the Dragon and Belle Morte voted against it.

In Bullet, it is revealed that the Traveler along with the rest of the Council have taken the power of Marmee Noir into themselves, opening a way for the Mother of Darkness to posses them all. When the Traveler realized what had happened he hid from Marmee Noir, and also sent some of the vampires from his bloodline to St. Louis just in case he becomes possessed. Those vampires would allow Anita to free him from the Mother of Darkness just as Anita did for Belle Morte and Padma.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

  • Feed through Others. The Traveler could siphon energy from lesser vampires and did not need blood.
  • Hide Presence. He can shield others from sensing him.
  • Lend Power. As a very powerful vampire, he could lend his powers to lesser vampires temporarily, bolstering their inherent strengths.
  • Spirit Possession. The Traveler's is mostly known for his ability to take over vampires weaker then himself, and use they're body as a vessel for his powers. Strong enough vampires are able to resist his attempts of possession.