The Girl who was Infatuated with Death is a short story by Laurell K. Hamilton. The story was featured in the Bite antology along with three other short stories by different autors. The story was also featured in Strange Candy anthology, along with Those Who Seek Forgiveness and Selling Houses, as well as several other short stories by Laurell K. Hamilton unrelated to Anitaverse.

Timeline Edit

In Bite anthology the story is said to be set between Blue Moon and Obsidian Butterfly, but in Strange Candy anthology it's said to be set before Narcissus In Chains.


Ms. Rhonda Mackenzie wants vampire executioner Anita Blake to find the vampire that has bitten her daughter two times and kill it. If she is bitten three times she will become a vampire, which is what the daughter wants, because she will lose one leg, perhaps two if she doesn’t change over. Anita asks the Master of the City, Jean-Claude if he will help her find the vampire. After not seeing him for a long time because she was learning to control her powers, Anita realizes her feelings for him have not changed.


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