Coalition for Better Understanding Between Human and Lycanthrope Communities, or simply The Coalition or The Furry Coalition, is an organisation founded in St. Louis by the lycanthope community.

Coalition FactsEdit


The concept of a Coalition or an Association of the lycanthropes of St. Louis was originally proposed by Marcus Fletcher, the former pack leader of the Thronnos Rokke Clan, sometime before The Lunatic Café; however, it was rejected by all of the other were groups because it was clear that Marcus wanted to use it to rule over them. It was later suggested as a means for all the were groups to work together and support each other by Anita Blake in Narcissus in Chains. It was formally established and created between NiC and Cerulean Sins. Since then, it has become so successful that many other cities have begun to adopt the idea of a coalition or association of lycanthropes and humans in their own communities. (DM)


There is no official agenda or manifesto for the Coalition, other than to provide help to any were-animal in an emergency and to spread awareness of were animals to humans through the radio, television, and public speeches. In a way, they act as a general PR (Public Relations) firm for Lycanthropy. They have a help hotline, offer counseling and support to both new and existing weres and their families, and give informational seminars to the public. (NiC)


Micah Callahan - Coordinator/Chief Officer

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