"Everyone fears death... But at the Church of Eternal Life, they promise just what the name says. And they can prove it."
Anita Blake[src]

The Church of Eternal Life is a vampire Church, the St. Louis branch of which is led by Malcolm. The main building is located just off Page Avenue.

Description Edit

The main building of the Church is startling white, and set in an expanse of naked ground broken up by some young trees that aren't yet large enough for proper shade. There is a asphalt-covered parking lot. The stained glass windows of the building are all abstract color and as devoid of religious imagery and symbols as the rest of it, giving the building an unfinished look. Board steps lead up to huge double doors at the front. One of them is kept open at least on hot summer days, and the other one has a sign "Enter Friend and be at Peace."

Inside the building there are polished wooden pews in two wide rows leading up to where one would expect an altar. In this case there's just a pulpit with blank blue wall, surrounded by more white upsweeping walls. The floor is likewise white, and the windows are red and blue stained glass. The room is softly lit during services, possibly by candles.

There's a small door to one side of the pulpit, leading into a carpeted, air-conditioned hallway. Bathrooms are to the left, and to the right there is an open room where coffee and blood is served after services. There is a small door that leads outside, marked "Exit", and another that leads to the offices marked by a small sign "Office".

The outer office is a small room that contains a secretarial desk and other such features, complete with a leatherbound day planner for scheduling purposes, at least one chair for customers in front of the desk, and at least one other chair against the wall where a visitor can wait with a magazine for admittance to the inner office. The inner office belongs to Malcolm, and appears to be his daytime resting place.

On the rare occasions that violence happens within our outside of the church building, evidence of it (such as blood on the steps) is cleaned away quickly and thoroughly.

Organization Edit

The Church of Eternal Life is considered one of the fastest growing congregations in North America. Most of the members are vampires, although the services are popular enough that the pews are almost full even before sunset. A human who wants to join the Church officially (and become a vampire) has to be at least 18 years old. Human members do daytime recruiting from door to door, and in the evenings, before service, there are people right inside the church doors handing out pamphlets.

The location of the main building of the Church is intentionally chosen to be far from the District, where many of the more commercial and sinful vampire businesses are gathered. The Church does not condone such venues, and actively discourages its members from visiting them. They consider themselves as mainstream undead.

At the time of Guilty Pleasures there is a small, more violent faction within the Church who go far enough to attack events such as freak parties in order to shut them down, even if Malcolm disapproves and has told the members to use legal means for those purposes instead. He does not punish them for disobedience, though, and does not consider himself an equivalent of their priest.

The Church does not blood-oath its members, not wanting to enslave them to one vampire. This is in direct violation of the laws set forth by the Vampire Council.

Events Edit

In Guilty Pleasures Anita and Ronnie visit the main building of the Church in daytime in order to schedule a meeting with Malcolm for that evening. When they leave there's an amateur assassin waiting for them outside, shooting at Anita, and they are forced to shoot him to the front steps in turn. When Anita returns that evening for the scheduled meeting a service is just about to start and there's no sign of the blood left at the steps. The meeting with Malcolm leaves Anita with more questions than answers, but Malcolm denies having a part in the vampire murders, and promises to look into the attempt at Anita's life. The service starts while Malcolm is still with Anita, indicating that his presence isn't necessary at least for the entirety of it.