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Tammy Reynolds
[[Image:|Tammy Reynolds|250px]]
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St. Louis, Missouri
RPIT Detective
Family members
Angela (Daughter)
Larry Kirkland (Husband)
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Tammy Reynolds is a detective in the Regional Preternatural Investigation Team and adds to the squad her abilities as a witch. She chose to join RPIT and her first case was the murder of Robert. She was one of the first St. Louis police officers to have recognized preternatural abilities and is a member of the Followers of the Way, a group of Christian witches.


Tammy joins RPIT during the events of The Killing Dance, and takes part in the investigation of Robert's death. She is explains the way circles of power work to Dolph, who later uses this knowleadge to test Anita.

Tammy is fascinated by Anita's profession and tries rather to hard to be her friend. Unfortunately Anita feels like a freak around Tammy.

In Burnt Offerings she and Larry Kirkland are dating. The two get married in Incubus Dreams and were expecting their first child. When she confides in Anita about her pregnancy she also thinks that Anita is expecting. When Anita denies this Tammy is hurt that Anita does not confide in her and does not believe that she is not pregnant. (Cerulean Sins)

In Micah, she is five months pregnant a enters into early labor, but she is taken to a hospital were the labor is stopped.

As of Skin Trade she has given birth to a baby girl named Angela.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

Tammy is a capable witch and also has the ability to read auras.

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