The St. Louis Pride is one of a few werelion lycanthrope groups in the US.

  • Group Name: Unknown
  • Current Leader: (Rex) Nicky, in coalition with Travis and Dev. (Regina) Anita
  • Former Leader: (Rex) Joseph, Haven. (Regina) Amber
  • Group Structure: The group is known collectively as a pride. Prior to Haven taking over the pride was formed of mostly submissive and college students. After Haven became Rex he brought in more lions that could act as muscle. Nicky had to kill some of them when he took over as Rex after Anita killed Haven.
  • Group Size: 25 (as of Bullet)
  • Alliances:
    • Alliance with the pride of Chicago through Augustine, and Haven a former member of that pride.
    • Agreement with the Anita (they are one of her 'animals to call').
    • Agreement with the Master of the City (they provide security when needed).
    • Members of the Coalition.


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Known membersEdit

  • Nicky - Rex as well as the Bride and lover of Anita. We first meet him in Flirt (novella).
  • Kelly Reeder - Enforcer.
  • Rosamond - Lower member.
  • Travis - College student, later formed a coalition with Nicky to help him be a better Rex in return for protection.
  • Joseph - Former Rex who fled St. Louis for fear of being killed by Haven after he failed to honor his agreement with Anita and Jean-Claude. (The Harlequin)
  • Amber - Wife of Joseph and Regina to his Rex. Left St. Louis with her husband to avoid being killed by Haven and Anita. (The Harlequin)
  • Justin - Brother of Joseph. Left St. Louis with his brother and his wife.
  • Haven - Former Rex. Former mob enforcer for Augustine. Executed by Anita after the firefight that kills Noel. (Bullet)
  • Noel - College student. Dies saving Nathaniel from gunfire. (Bullet)
  • Jesse - Enforcer. Even though some believed he might have a softer side, by Kiss the Dead he, along with Payne, were killed by Nicky, Kelly, and some other dominant lions.
  • Payne - Enforcer. He was considered to be thug like Haven and was killed sometime before the events of Kiss the Dead by Nicky.
  • Magda - former member of the Harlequin
  • unnamed former member of the Harlequin
  • Dev - Joined the pride and Nicky and Travis' coalition after gaining a secondary lion form.