"... Last I heard they were calling it the Special Research Section, just like the Serial Killer Profiler unit was now called Investigative Support. The FBI tries to avoid sensational buzzwords like serial killer or preternatural or monster."
Anita Blake[src]

The Special Research Section is a new FBI division set up to handle preternatural crime. Before the division was created, preternatural crimes were investigated by the Investigative Support, the FBI's serial killer profiler unit. The division's leader is Bradley Bradford.

SRS CasesEdit

Obsidian ButterflyEdit

Crime(s): The deaths of a dozen of humans and the skinning of another dozen in Albuquerque and Santa Fe, New Mexico. Suspect(s): None. Case Solved: Yes. Agent Bradford, the local police and Anita Blake track down Red Woman's Husband, a vampire believing himself a god, and Anita executes him.

Cerulean SinsEdit

Crime(s): The death of four unnamed women, raped, slaughtered and eaten by a werewolf. Suspect(s): Roy Van Anders, Jason Schuyler. Case Solved: Yes, Agent Bradford finds a camera recording showing Vad Andres with the last two victims. Later Anita Blake uses two local werewolves in wolf form to track down Van Anders and executes him.