Sorcerers are people who got magic through demonic-or worse-power. They bargained for what they got and bartered their souls for money, comfort, lust, power. But some were a version of possession. People weakened by some flaw: mental illness or even a flaw of character. The right kind of flaws can attract evil.

Known SorcerersEdit

  • Linus Bech - A retainer of Frank Niley, he summones a demon in two instances; once to fake a troll attack and the second time to find the Spear of Destiny.
  • Todd Bering - A natural "witch", diagnosed with schizophrenia, that summones a demon.
  • Unnamed sorcerer - Arrested for murder and imprisoned. Summoned a greater demon to kill guards and prisoners so that he could escape. Was hunted down by police and a coven of white wiccans and was killed during the capture attempt.
  • Unnamed sorceress - Arrested for magical assassination. Summoned a demon and killed her sister to inherit her parents' estate. Was also suspected of the death of her parents. Received the death penalty and was executed three months after her arrest.