Samuel is the Master of the City of Cape Cod, and the husband of Thea. He has three sons: Sampson, the eldest (70 years old with the appearance of a 20-ish young man), and 17-year-old twins Thomas and Cristos. He is one of Jean-Claude friends, having helped him when he first arrived in the New World.

Appearance Edit

He is dark-haired, dark-eyed, and handsome "in an ordinary sort of way." His hair is a dark brunette, almost black, with a "careless fall of short curls." Anita estimates him to be about 5'7". His eyes are "hazel, pale brown with an edge of grayish green around the pupil," "almost an olive color" but "not true green."[1]

History Edit

In Danse Macabre, Anita meets Samuel at a party, and she recognizes him from the description Jean-Claude gave her of him. He is "the only other vamp in the room who made [Anita's] skin tighten when [she] met his eyes," the other being Augustine. Since one of the purposes of the party is to offer Anita a new pomme de sang, Samuel offers his three sons.[1]

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References Edit

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