Requiem was Jean-Claude's third in command. He is a British-born vampire that Belle Morte offered to buy from his master to complete her blue-eyed trio: Jean-Claude the Darkest, Asher the Lightest, and Requiem the Brightest-eyed. He has black hair and a trimmed mustache. His name comes from being "poetic, but damn depressing".

He was in a relationship with Meng Die, but put a stop to it in the hoping to get closer to Anita. He is one of the people that let feed Anita's ardeur.

As of Hit List he has left St. Louis and become the Témoin of the Mistress of Philadelphia as well as her lover.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

  • Raise Lust. Requiem has the power to exponentially raise the sexual arousal of those around him; Anita describes his power as "like hours of really good foreplay packed into seconds".  His power is similar to Jean-Claude's ardeur in that it incites physical arousal, but it cannot incite emotions such as lust or love, nor can Requiem feed off of sexual energy. Further, Requiem is always fiercely polite and sees taking advantage of this power as rape, refusing to use it uninvited.
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