The Red Clan is one of the three weretiger clans in the United States that have enough remaining members (in this case, hundreds) to still have a clan structure. Pure-blooded members of Red Clan have the most trouble of all weretigers when trying to pass for humans, as they have bright orange tiger eyes even in their human form. Their red hair they can pass off as dye job, but the eyes they need to hide with contact lenses.

  • Group Name: Red Clan
  • Current Leader: Cho Chun

Known membersEdit

  • Alex Pinn - Prince Li Da of the clan, son of Queen Cho Chun, in self-imposed exile when we first meet him, returns to the clan later. Works as a successful reporter. One of the weretigers that answer Anita's call in Blood Noir, becomes her red tiger to call.
  • Ben - A guard of the clan. (Hit List)
  • Cho Chun - Queen of the Red Clan.
  • Donny - A guard of the clan. (Hit List)
  • Ethan - A guard of the clan. Has a mixed heritage, including red, blue, black and gold. (Hit List)
  • George - A Harlequin that infiltrated the clan as a guard. (Hit List)
  • Hunter - Stripper. Part of the orgy started by Vittorio using Anita in Las Vegas. Visited St. Louis along with Reba and other red tigers. (Skin Trade, Bullet)
  • Jared - Visited St. Louis along with Reba and the rest of the red tigers. (Bullet)
  • Lacey - A female red tiger that visits St. Louis along with Reba and other red tigers. Sister of the unnamed male. (Bullet)
  • Reba - Daughter of the Red Queen and Alex's sister. Is sent to St. Louis by her mother along with other red tigers. Although the daughter of the Red Queen she is a weak lycanthrope and has only one animal form. (Bullet)
  • Unnamed male - Visited St. Louis along with Reba and the rest other red tigers. (Bullet)

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