"Stirling had wanted this land for some perverse reason. Maybe because he was told he couldn't have it. Some people are like that. The more you say no, the more they want you. It reminded me of a certain master vampire I knew."
Anita Blake[src]

Raymond Stirling is a partner in Beadle, Beadle, Stirling, and Lowenstein, a law firm that has plans to build a exclusive resort in the mountains near Branson in Bloody Bones.

Appearance & Personality Edit

Stirling has eyes so pale grey they are only a few shades darker than the whites of his eyes. He is tall and has a health-club tan, and wears Gucci shoes. He has a commanding presence and appears to be used to being treated with a mix of reverence, servitude, and fear. He doesn't seem to approve of flunkies like Larry speaking without being spoken to. Stirling gets angry when anything whatsoever interferes with his plans, and has a tendency to try to make the problems go away no matter what it takes.

History Edit

Before the beginning of the novel the firm has bought a piece of land for the resort from Kellys. Unfortunately for Stirling that land has been in a long-standing dispute between two families, and the other family, Bouviers, hasn't been willing to sell so that the question of ownership could become irrefutable. Since a cemetery that might belong to the Bouvier family and prove their ownership has just been found, Sterling hires Anita to raise the zombies from the cemetery to settle the dispute. If the zombies are Bouviers then he would have to try to by it again to keep the project alive. He tries to persuade Anita to make the zombies say what he wants to hear, but Anita has none of it.

On the first night when Anita and Larry "walk" the cemetery, Magnus Bouvier appears and Stirling orders one of his employees to shoot him for trespassing, but is stopped by Anita. They part ways in rather violent terms, but later Stirling sends a flunky to beg Anita to keep the contract and raise the zombies. Unknown to Anita, certain that Magnus and Dorcas would never sell the land, Stirling has made a deal with Rawhead and Bloody Bones, to ensure the zombies will be raised, which would in turn free the fey from his prison. In return Bloody Bones would kill the Bouviers and Stirling could claim all their lands. Thus Stirling can't afford to let Anita pack her bags and head back home.

On the third night, after Anita and Larry accidentally raise twenty Bouvier ancestors instead of the few they had intended, Rawhead is indeed freed, and the cemetery proved to be the long lost Bouvier family plot. Stirling and his flunkies then attempt to kill Anita and Larry in order to hide the truth. One of the flunkies grows a conscience and tries to stop them, but Stirling shoots the flunky instead and leaves him to slowly bleed to death. Anita eventually succeeds in injuring and disarming Stirling, and because Larry is there she doesn't finish the job, even if she soon regrets that decision.

When Janos, Xavier, and the rest of Serephina's vampires (herself excluded) arrive to the scene Stirling immediately tries to implicate Anita of murder via psychic means, which is cause for death sentence. The vampires saw the whole thing, however, and wouldn't care even if they hadn't. Unknown to Stirling Serephina was the one who instigated the deal between Stirling and Rawhead, and now that the fey is free Stirling has served his purpose. Anita and Larry try to save Stirling and the remaining flunky, without success. Stirling is eventually killed by Pallas and Bettina who feed on him.

Flunkies Edit

  • Lionel Bayard - lawyer and a general errand boy for Stirling. Bayard is the one who fetches Anita with a helicopter, arranges for the hotel rooms and a car, and comes to beg for Anita to stay after she realizes Stirling deliberately tried to kill Magnus. Is shot to death by Stirling after trying to stop him and Ms. Harrison from killing Anita and Larry.
  • Ms. Harrison - Stirling's shadow and apparent secretary, who is accustomed to handling guns and doesn't blink at getting ordered to shoot Anita and Larry, although does get a bit wide-eyed. Gets torn into by Anita's zombies, and is finished off by Xavier and Ellie Quinlan.
  • Beau - foreman at the construction site, who may or may not be also Stirling's driver. Beau carries the shotgun when Stirling tries to have Magnus killed, but is smart enough to not point it at anyone while Anita holds a gun on Beau, even if Stirling orders him to. Afterwards Beau says he's staying out of the whole thing from now on and is going home to his wife. Despite this he does come to see the raising on the third night, but Anita makes him wait at the bottom of the mountain. He isn't mentioned again, and it's uncertain if the vampires kill him too.