"A hand came out of the darkness, large enough to palm my head. The fingernails were long and dirty, almost clawlike. Ragged clothes clung to huge, square shoulders. The thing was at least ten feet tall. Its huge, oversized head had no skin. The flesh was raw and open like a wound. The veins pulsed and throbbed with blood flowing through them, but it didn't bleed."
Anita Blake[src]

Rawhead and Bloody Bones, was a fey approximately ten feet tall with a bloody, pulsing head. A children's boggle, Bloody Bones was a true immortal and lived to punish guilty children. He was brought to the U.S. by Llyn Bouvier, Magnus and Dorcas's ancestor, who used his blood to make a potion that increased his fey power. After he escaped, he was confined to the ground by the combined power of the available Indian, fey, and Christian magic and remained there until Magnus began using his blood, centuries later.

Ultimately, Serephina and Raymond Stirling were able to trick Anita into freeing Bloody Bones. However, when Serephina broke hear deal with Bloody Bones he attacked her and Magnus, stabbing them both with his greatsword. While Magnus was drawing power from him, Bloody Bones was mortal, and Anita with the help of Xavier and Larry was able to kill him.

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