Raina Wallis was one of the most powerful lycanthropes Anita has encountered, possessing abilities comparable to Richard. A fantastically beautiful alpha werewolf, Raina was Marcus's lupa and bolverk, as well as an extreme sadist and rapist. She was also the first woman Richard ever slept with.

Raina was the owner of the Lunatic Cafe and also a silent partner of Jean-Claude's dance club, Danse Macabre. She often used her sexuality to manipulate other wolves into doing her bidding. She and Marcus produced pornographic snuff films in which lycanthropes would either forcibly or consensually engage in sex acts with humans and then murder them. She would often force wereleopards and werewolves into these films as well. Raina also ordered wereleopards to torture and sexually assault werewolves who would refused to perform in her pornographies. Raina personally sexually assaulted Stephen.

Raina was shot and killed by Anita while trying to have Anita killed in one of her snuff films in The Killing Dance. Ironically, Raina's munin now "haunts" Anita. Sometimes Anita calls her to get information or help with healing. In return Anita must do her a favor (usually something sexual).

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

As an alpha werewolf, Raina was incredibly powerful, endowed with preternatural senses, strength, regenerative ability, agility, and endurance higher than most lycanthropes. Raina was even more powerful than other alpha werewolves and possessed additional powers:

  • Power Manipulation: Raina could conceal her power in order to prevent others from identifying her as a werewolf or send out power to others in order to demonstrate her dominance. Raina could share her power with others (usually shapeshifters, but she once dualed with Anita) in order to strengthen herself and anyone with whom she joined. Most alphas need to share blood in order to share power, but Raina could do this via touch. By sharing power, Anita could heal herself and others from even fatal wounds.
  • Enhanced Shapeshifting: Raina, unlike most werewolves, could partially shift and take on lupine characteristics without fully changing, able to resist the call of the moon, able to shift back-and-forth without extreme exhaustion, and was also capable of shifting her bone structure to change her physical appearance. Raina often shifted into an average-looking woman while working at the Lunatic Cafe.
  • Healing: Raina could heal others through sensual touch. This usually resulted in sexual intercourse, Raina's sexual sadism, or a combination of both.
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