"The fire bathed Warrick in a nimbus of blue, but he didn't burn. He stood there yellow and white surrounded in blue fire, and he did look like a saint."
Anita Blake[src]

Pyrokinesis is the ability to create or to control fire with the mind. Several humans and vampires display this ability.

The aura of a pyrokinetic allows the user to set him-or-herself on fire. He or she is engulfed in a blue, pale flame, but does not burn, as he or she is protected by his or her aura. This aura of protection can be unintentionally extended to those within its sphere.  For example, when a fireman tackled a pyrokinetic, he notes that the fire seemed to crawl over a space and start on his arms, his hands being untouched. When the user wishes it or losses control, the flames become pure yellow-orange, as ordinary flame, and do harm to the user as it would be normal.

Known PyrokineticsEdit

  • Alejandro - A thousand years old vampire that displayed limited pyrokinesis.
  • Alex Pinn - A red weretiger that sleeps with Anita and gains the power to call fire to his hands.
  • Ivy - A vampire over 200 years old that displayed limited pyrokinesis.
  • Ophelia Ryan - A woman who was a known pyrokinetic. She appears in numerous movies displaying her ability.
  • Unnamed man - A young man is his twenties, that was a pyromaniac and enjoyed setting building full of people on fire. He was arrested but lost control of his power, burning himself to death.
  • Warrick - A vampire that reached master status while in St. Louis. His master, Yvette, forced him to burn buildings in New Orleans and San Francisco, and wanted to set a stadium on fire so that vampires would be seen as monsters. He burned himself along with Yvette.

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