Psychics are humans who are born with different types of preternatural abilities, so it is debatable whether they are truly human or not. Some psychic abilities include:

  • Clairvoyance: the bearer of the power can touch a random object and can tell who else has touched it, and what they did with that object. Can be used to find murderers, or where the murder victim is. One of the strongest clairvoyant in St. Louis is Evans.
  • "Electronic Tracking". In Dead Ice, it is revealed some psychics can sense the abilities of others through electronic media such as computer videos. This ability is so new that it doesn't have an official name, yet.
  • Empathy. Empaths can feel the emotions of those around them.
  • Psychic null projection. The bearer can negated most psychic abilities within a few yards around himself. The only bearer of this ability is Evans's wife.
  • Psychic vampire. Cannibal is the only psychic described by Anita as a psychic vampire. His ability allows him to feed on others memories and emotions, mostly violent. This ability also allows him to take and erase memories from a person, leaving him a blank, and make them his own.
  • Telepathy. Telepaths can read minds, and although Anita has not met a telepath, she briefly mentions them in the series.

Although psychic abilities may be very prominent, some people don't even know they're psychic. For example, Zerbrowski, one of Anita's police friends, is said to be a little psychic. When a vampire's power is floating around the room, Anita is said to have seen Zebrowski shiver, and none of the other police officers.

Known PsychicsEdit

  • Angela Dalton - A psychic detective in Kirke Key, Florida.
  • Cannibal - Real name Rocco, a stg. of the Las Vegas SWAT. An empath and psychic vampire.
  • Davey - Real name Davis, member of the Las Vegas SWAT.
  • Evans - Touch Clairvoyant.
  • Evans's wife - Psychic null projector.
  • Howard Grant - Touch Clairvoyant.
  • Mercy - Real name Mercer, member of the Las Vegas SWAT.
  • Morrigan Williams - A well known psychic that specialises in serial killer cases and other violent deaths.
  • Moon - Real name Moonus, member of the Las Vegas SWAT.
  • Sanchez - Real name Arrio, member of the Las Vegas SWAT.
  • Santa - Real name Theodoros, member of the Las Vegas SWAT.
  • Spider - Real name Rusterman, member of the Las Vegas SWAT.
  • Sonny - Real name Hooper, member of the Las Vegas SWAT.
  • Wizard - Member of the Las Vegas SWAT, second in command to Cannibal. Killed at the beginning of Skin Trade.

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