"I hold his heart in my hand. In the long gone days we would have torn it from his chest, but those days are gone... We worship as we can, not as we would."

Pinotl is the human servant and high priest of Itzpapalotl. He had been a powerful, and charismatic leader and after centuries of practice that that charisma turned into a kind of magic. Pinotl managed the Obsidian Butterfly during the day and played the role of high priest in the shows performed at the club.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

  • Because he had once been a charismatic leader, Pinolt developed an aura of power which gave him the ability to mesmerize those that were listening him speak. Anita notes that "the audience may have thought that they were hanging on every word, but the man could have recited a grocery list with similar effect".
  • Power Draining - The moment Pinolt received the forth mark from Itzpapalotl he can drain the power or life force of others. He demonstrates this ability by returning the drained life-force of one of his mistress's servants during a show at her club. As with Itzpapalotl and Anita, when Pinotl uses this power his eyes shine a solid black.
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