Peter Parnell is Donna's son, and Ted Forrester's future step-son. He also has a younger sister, Becca, of whom he is very protective. He is close to six feet tall. He has a black belt in judo and is working towards a black belt in another discipline.

He was suspicious of Ted in the beginning. He and his sister are kidnapped by Riker in Obsidian Butterfly and he is raped. Anita saved him, while Edward saved Becca. After the ordeal he takes up martial arts and later becomes Edward's apprentice.

Unlike his family he is aware of Ted's true identity and accompanies Edward when he comes to Anita's help in The Harlequin. He is mauled by a weretiger while trying to save Anita’s life. After being hospitalized the doctors offer him a new ‘after attack vaccine’ that would cancel out the lycanthropy if he had caught it, but if he hasn't he’d get the strain in the vaccine, a weretiger. He decides against the vaccine.

In Hit List it is mentioned that he talks to Anita on the phone once or twice a month to discuss his training. He is scheduled to go on his first hunt with Edward in fall of the year he turns eighteen. Anita agrees to accompany them on the hunt.

Edward believes that Peter might have a crush on Anita, because she was the first woman he saw after having his first sexual encounter. He has also been dumped by his first two girlfriends for being too rough.

History Edit

When he was eight Peter watched his father being murdered by a werewolf. While his mother cowered, he took the silver-loaded gun and killed the werewolf. He then maintained the adult male role in his family after that, until 'Ted' entered the picture.

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