The Oak Tree Clan is a group of werewolves from Tennessee.

  • Pack Name: Oak Tree Clan
  • Curent Leaders: (Ulfric) Verne, (Lupa) Roxanee
  • Location: Myerton, TN
  • Lupanar: The clan's lupanar is a large oak tree, hundred of feet tall, situated in a huge clearing. The branches of the tree have dozens of ropes and at the base of the tree lay the bones and skeletons of the clan former members.
  • Group Size: 52
  • Alliances:
    • Interactions with St. Louis: Richard has visited here frequently while doing his doctoral research. In BM, he looked (auditioned, it seemed) for a new lupa here as well.


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Known membersEdit

  • Ben - Skoll, enforcer.
  • Marianne- Vargamor, a witch and psychic.
  • Eric - The clan's freki.
  • Lucy Winston - One of the women Richard auditioned for the position of lupa.
  • Mira - One of the women Richard auditioned for the position of lupa. Was paid by Colin to bring Nathaniel to him, for this Anita ask for her head in a basket and got it(even though she was not being literal).
  • Roland - One of Marianne's bodyguards.
  • Roxanee - Lupa of the pack and wife of Verne.
  • Verne - Ulfric of the pack.
  • Victor

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