Noel was a young werelion that was part of the St. Louis Pride. Noel was brunette, wore glasses and was a English major.


Noel along with Travis were chosen by their Rex as pommes de sang for Anita's ardeur, although Anita never used Noel to feed the ardeur because he was a virgin. (Danse Macabre)

Noel was one of the male werelions that survived Haven taking control of the pride after Joseph, the previous Rex, ran away along with his Regina and brother. This was mostly because Noel was a submissive lion and was not perceived as a threat.

In Bullet, when Anita met with an enraged Haven, he brought with him Noel and Travis. The two were severely beaten and Noel was close to death. Anita tried to heal him but when Morte D'Amour used his powers to force Anita into killing Noel, she raised the ardeur instead and provoked a orgy. The energy generated was enough to heal Noel.

The next day, when Anita and Haven started to fight about Haven's treatment of Noel and Travis a fight ensues between them. During the fight Haven tried to shoot Nathaniel but Noel jumped in front of Nathaniel and took the bullet. Noel was shot in the brain and died immediately. Moments later Anita killed Haven for trying to kill Nathaniel and for killing Noel.

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Powers & AbilitiesEdit

Noel was a werelion. As such he was far more powerful than a human, and had most powers associated with lycanthropes, including enhanced speed, strength, and agility. Because he was a non-dominant male, Noel did not have a hybrid form and would heal at near human speed.