Nicandro Baco, also known as Nicky Baco, is a necromancer and the vargamor of the Broken Spear Clan. He was married with Paulina and owns the Los Duendos Bar, a hangout for the werewolves of the Broken Spear Clan. He was suspected by the police in regard to several murders, but was never convicted because the witnesses kept disapearing. He is also the punisher of the werewolves, which he melds them into a single monstrous zombie, while still alive. Anita meets Nicky during the events of Obsidian Butterfly for information about the killings in New Mexico.


Nicky was a dwarf (little person). He was Hispanic with rich black hair, skin tanned and unlined. He looked twenty-something but the aura of power that spread outward from him like an overwhelming perfume felt older. He considered himself a ladies' man and enjoyed making his wife, Paulina, jealous.


Nicky was aware of Red Woman's Husband, having sensed his awakening 10 years before Obsidian Butterfly. He became his servant in exchange for the ability of power draining, which he used to create Monstruo, a monster made by stitching werewolves and draining them of their life force. Anita notes that this act was so evil that it made Nicandro need to use more power every time he added to the monster to obtain the same result. He used the creature to scare the werewolves and undermine the pack's Ulfric.

When Roland Sanchez comes back to town he punished Nicky by beating him and breaking his legs. Anita visits him in the hospital and threatens him into revealing the location of Red Woman's Husband. Detective Ramirez has Lenora Evans use her magic to hide Nicandro from his master, and then made him guide him and the police to his lair. It it unknown what happened to Nicky after the vampire was killed but he was most likely executed for magical malfeasance.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

Nicandro Baco was one of the most powerful necromancers Anita met. He knew ritual necromancy and other types of magic and had learned how to drain the power and life force of others from Red Woman's Husband. He could also share the power he obtained from his victims with the pack.