Narcissus is the owner of the club, Narcissus in Chains (a BDSM club), and leader of the city's werehyena population. An effeminate hermaphrodite, he became pregnant following his relationship with Chimera. Narcissus is into both sides of BDSM and Asher topped him after Narcissus met with the triumvirate of Anita, Jean-Claude, and Richard. Under the old ruling of Raina and Marcus, Narcissus was given favors and not allowed to let his hyena population grow over 50 members. Once Richard became Ulfric, the old deals were voided and Narcissus decided he wanted to be able to make some of the decisions for the lycanthrope population of St. Louis versus having the decisions made for him.

In Narcissus in Chains, he is taken captive and tortured by Chimera, to force the rest of the werehyenas to do his bidding. He is rescued after some of his hyenas, helped by the wolves and rats, breach the club and kill all of Chimera's men. It seems that he was pregnant with Chimera's child but it is never revealed what happened to the pregnancy.

After Asher develops the ability to call hyenas in Danse Macabre, he encourages Asher to make him his animal to call, and in Bullet it is revealed that Narcissus wants Asher to take a human servant and create his own triumvirate of power hoping that this could shift the balance of power in St. Louis.

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