Musette is one of Belle Morte's lieutenants. She has a preference for "young blood" (i.e. from minors), which is illegal in the United States. Her human servant is named Angelito, meaning "little angel", which is ironic considering he is anything but little. Musette has tortured and scared vampires that Belle Morte gave her for hundreds of years. Jason describes her, in the first book she appears in, as a "blonde Barbie doll", however there is something about her that invokes fear. Anita adds that Musette is a few inches shorter than her, with blue eyes and black eyebrows.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

  • Animal to call. Musette has the ability to call rats and wererats as well as bats. Only capable to call bats in the beginning she developed the ability to call rats 50 years before Cerulean Sins.
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