The munin are the departed spirits of past werewolf pack members that were consumed by the pack to preserve their memories for times of need. The name comes from Norse legend where Munin was the name of Odin's raven. Munin means "memory".

When a pack member dies or is killed, the other members eat him or her (partially or altogether). The dead wolf then joins the munin, whose spirits act as guides, providing wisdom and sometimes power through those who possess the rare ability to channel them. Thus the dead are not truly gone as long as the pack remains. Occasionally, a member of the pack is excluded from this ritual either by accident or by design and this results in their memories being excluded or lost to the pack.

Some packs collect the remains of their dead to their lupanar in a ritual that connects the munin even more tightly to that location. The Oak Tree Clan's lupanar is an example of such practice.

Known munin Edit

Raina Wallis -- Anita has called on Raina's spirit multiple times in order to borrow her healing abilities. However, dead or not, favors from Raina never come free.