"I am pack leader. I am law."
—Marcus to Anita[src]

Marcus Fletcher was the former Ulfric of the St. Louis werewolf pack. He was a surgeon and one of the pack's only doctors. His lupa was Raina, who helped him punish the pack werewolves and Gabriel's wereleopards by putting them into pornographic snuff films. Marcus was in a succesion battle with Richard, who was the pack fenrir.

He wanted to create a coalition of lycanthropes, which he would rule, and when a number of lycanthropes started disappearing he hired Anita to investigate, contrary to Richard's wishes. Although Richard had defeated him two times before, he did not want to kill Marcus and hoped to find a way to become Ulfric without killing. To make sure he would win the next battle, Marcus put a $500.000 hit on Anita. He was killed by Richard in The Killing Dance and eaten by the entire pack.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

Marcus was a werewolf alpha, and the pack's ulfric. As such he was extremely powerful, but his powers are very little discussed. He was able to partial shapeshift and could change into a man-wolf hybrid form.

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