Lupanar is the word werewolves use for the sacred meeting place each pack has within their territory. The lupanar is their primary gathering place, where meetings are held, traditions are observed, formal challenges are made, and succession fights are fought. During the full moon each pack assembles at their lupanar and celebrates by shifting into their animal forms and hunting.

Each lupanar is distinctive depending on the terrain and the pack's personality. It is sacred ground, a special place of power, magic, and tradition. It's also where the Munin draw together and share their power. As the Munin grow in numbers and power through generations, so grows the power of the lupanar itself.

Known Lupanars Edit

Thronnos Rokke Clan's lupanar is a great clearing deep in the woods behind the barn where Raina shot her videos. The clearing holds a throne carved from rock that gives the clan its name.

Oak Tree Clan's lupanar is also in the woods, at a large oak tree, hundred of feet tall, situated in a huge clearing. The branches of the tree have dozens of ropes and at the base of the tree lay the bones and skeletons of the clan's former members.