Lillian is a doctor and a wererat. She frequently patches up shapeshifters in their unofficial infirmary. She is a voice of reason among the lycanthropes and is one of Rafael's advisors. We first meet her in Guilty Pleasures.

Appearance Edit

At the beginning of the series Lillian is in her mid-fifties and has salt and pepper hair cut in a short no-nonsense style. She has quick and sure fingers—traits that also match her personality. In animal form her fur is nearly grey.

History Edit

In Guilty Pleasures Lillian is one of the wererats guiding Anita and Edward to Nikolaos' lair. Afterwards, Lillian also patches them up.

Lillian's services are again needed in The Lunatic Cafe, after Gretchen attacks Anita and Louie gets hurt trying to save her. They are treated in the unofficial lycanthrope infirmary, that is located in the basement of a building that is both owned and inhabited by shapeshifters. Lillian is professional, but takes no notes to leave no evidence of the treatments. She also has a fairly realistic idea of how well Anita is going to listen to medical advice, but does her best to give it anyway.

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