Katie Zerbrowski is a teacher and Detective Zerbrowski's wife. Anita often wonders how or why Katie married Zerbrowski in the first place, but she finally hears the true story of their meeting in Dancing. Anita has also wondered since the early parts of the series how Katie allows Zerbrowski to leave the house looking so messy when she is so neat, but later comes to the conclusion that he's just that good at getting stained and rumpled after leaving home. Katie keeps everything in their house immaculate, up to and including the bedroom, and she does her best with Zerbrowski as well, although his car is his own domain and is allowed to be as messy as he wants. Katie and the kids take the minivan instead.

Given the history of Katie and Zerbrowski meeting it's not surprising that Katie does almost all of their cooking (except when something needs to be grilled), and she does it as tidily as all the other parts of her life.

Appearance Edit

Katie is a few inches shorter than Anita at about 4' 11" or 5' 0", and overall tiny. In The Lunatic Cafe Anita judges Katie to weigh less than 90 pounds after having to hold her up.

Katie's hair is dark brown and wavy, and almost reaches her waist, and it's been that long since college. Her eyes are likewise dark, and her voice is high and breathy like a little girl's. Her laughter is airy and pretty, just like the rest of her, and she's always tidy.

Personal history Edit

Katie and Zerbrowski met in college. He'd been sitting behind her in American History class for almost the whole semester, admiring her hair and trying to muster courage to strike a conversation, until one night he accidentally set his dormitory kitchen on fire trying to heat canned tomato soup. Katie had never even noticed him before, but she was coming back from a movie and saw him all sooty with hair flying every which way, carrying the fire extinguisher he used to put out the fire. She admired his calm competence and bravery among the general panic and confusion and the dorm monitor yelling for everyone to get out. Next day in class she recognized his hair and glasses, and started the conversation herself. Zerbrowski considers destroying the dorm's kitchen and nearly getting expelled a small price for that.

They may or may not have got engaged two months after their first date. The length of their engagement is also unclear, but they got married about two weeks before Christmas, ten years before the beginning of the series.

History within series Edit

Katie is mentioned briefly in The Laughing Corpse as someone Zerbrowski would buy a nice house with if they could afford it, and in Circus of the Damned it's confirmed that she's his wife, although Anita clearly was aware of the fact even earlier. Zerbrowski claims Katie finds his choo-choo pajamas sexy, although Katie's actual opinion on the matter is unknown.

In The Lunatic Cafe we learn it's their tenth anniversary, and Zerbrowski isn't initially answering his pager because Katie makes him leave it at home for their night out. Her pink sweatsuit is still at the back of Zerbrowski's car at the end of the night, apparently because they had plans for exercising earlier in the day, but got derailed by other activities that make Zerbrowski blush when he's teased about it. The logistics of the exercise plans are a bit unclear since Katie (or anyone else beyond Zerbrowski) clearly hasn't ridden in the car for a long time. Regardless, the sweats are available for Anita to borrow when her own clothes get wet. The very next day we see Katie in person for the first time, when she comes to the hospital after Zerbrowski gets gutted by a shapeshifted witch. It's the second time Anita ever meets Katie. When she learns Zerbrowski is going to make it, her knees give out, and Anita carries her to Zerbrowski's room.

At the time of Dancing Katie is finishing her second master's degree. She has been married to Zerbrowski for almost twenty years, but they are still crazy for each other. For their latest anniversary Zerbrowski bought her diamond earrings, and for their thirteenth anniversary he gifted her with ballroom dancing lessons. They dance well together, as we get to see at the end of the annual barbecue party they throw for the local cops. She gets Nathaniel to help with the food, and is dismayed when some of the guests ogle him like a piece of meat without feelings. We learn that Katie is the kind of person who doesn't want to listen to juicy gossip about randy bachelorette parties, and she's shocked when she realizes Nathaniel is the leading start in one of the stories that have been inflicted on her regardless. It takes her a while to regain her composure even after the story is set straight. She also doesn't really understand how Anita can be in love with more than one person, but is a good sport about it.

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