"I was a prince before your ancestors discovered this country."

Kaspar Gunderson was tall and pale, with downy feathers in place of hair. Gunderson was a proud and cruel European prince and hunter. Centuries ago, he was cursed by a witch to transform into a swan in the hope that he would learn kindness. Instead, Gunderson walked the Earth, becoming increasingly more bitter.

One of the few shapeshifters who transformed into prey rather than a predator, Gunderson had an uneasy relationship with most other shapeshifters. Fed up with being abused by Raina and Gabriel, he helps Sheriff Titus capture lycanthropes, that are then hunted for money. When Anita figures out that Aikensen killed Williams, he tricks her, Richard and Edward into coming to his house where they are to be hunted, along with Jason, who had been captured earlier. After Sheriff Titus, Aikensen and the hunters are killed, Anita discovers that Kasper has escaped.

Although he was a shapeshifter, he wasn't a lycanthrope and could transform from a human to a swan and back repeatedly without a period of unconsciousness. Gunderson's curse prevented him from aging, and he claimed that he could not be killed, even with silver. However, he is eventually killed by Edward, who gives his feathered skin to Anita as a gift. (The Lunatic Cafe)

It is alluded to that he is the basis of the main character of Swan Lake.

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