Jermey Ruebens first appears in the series when he seeks Anita's help in Circus of the Damned. He has a very hostile attitude towards Anita which changes after he saves Anita.

He was a member of Humans Against Vampires but was disappointed by the group's failure in discrediting vampires. He then then started a new group Humans First, which pursued its goals more directly - intending to destroy all the vampires.

Along with Karl Inger he meets with Anita to find out the resting place of Master of the City. Anita not knowing the location at the time refuses. Jermey becomes angry and starts insulting Anita when she also refuses to tell them how to kill a Master Vampire owing to the fact that that would make her an accessory to murder. Inger is more thoughtful, and Anita agrees to reconsider their proposal if they are able to develop a more promising plan.

Later he and some of his followers ambush Anita and Larry at a cemetery after a zombie raising. Anita, along with Larry, escapes after killing/injuring two people. They then come to Anita's aid when she and Larry are attacked by Alejandro and his group under "enemy of my enemy" principle.

After the rescue Jermey, mistakenly believing Alejandro to be Master of the City, went on news claiming that Humans First saved Anita from Master of the City.

Some time after Circus of the Damned and before The Girl who was Infatuated with Death he was imprisoned for conspiracy to commit murder for over a dozen counts. He is mentioned to be giving lectures at school and disavowing the actions of Humans First. He was the one who recommended that Ms. Rhonda Mackenzie consult Anita regarding the vampire that has bitten her daughter twice.

Appearance Edit

Anita describes him as a short, dark and grumpy man. He had small features clustered in the middle of his face. He is twitchy when nervous, known to shout and frown.