Jason is a werewolf and a stripper at Guilty Pleasures, best friend to Nathaniel, occasional lover of Anita, also Jean-Claude's pomme de sang. He's in his early 20's now, having met Anita when he was younger, he's a Gemini, has blonde "baby-fine" hair and sky blue eyes. Jason is also Anita's height and loves to tease her or flaunt his being a stripper and/or sexuality. Lately he has been quite pleased to get a blush from Anita after "taking one for the team" because before, he was not on her guy radar for possible sleep partners. He was always just in the background, but in later books the readers learn more about his background and about him. He has an intense fear of rotting vampires or anything similar due to being rotted on by two vampires (Bettina and Pallas) in a sexual context. Jason's hometown is near Asheville, North Carolina.

In Narcissus in Chains, Jason has cut his hair short "businessman short", and in the more recent novels, Jason has taken on a more complex role as Anita's friend and sometimes "fuck-buddy", showing a surprisingly quick and discerning mind, quick to assuage Anita's fears when she breaks down after having tortured Deputy Thompson in Blue Moon, and to point out how she has been neglecting Nathaniel's sexual needs at the beginning of Incubus Dreams. Hence, Anita has begun to understand and incorporate more S&M into her sexual roles with Nathaniel. Anita comments in following books that in any other scenario being tied up would terrify her but with Nathaniel and the right context it turns her on, which she does not quite seem to understand but is starting to accept.

As Jean Claude states so eloquently, Jason is the only person that can give Anita hard truths and not make her angry. He is one of her closest friends and someone that teaches her that there are different types of love. (His name at Guilty Pleasure is 'Ripley'.)

Character Edit

No more than twenty years old, his eyes are very blue, often described as the blue skies of a spring morning. He also has blonde hair. He is an inch taller then Anita's height, standing at 5' 4", which makes him very short as a man.

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