Jacob's Pride is a werelion group in the Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter series. Nicky is a former member of this pride before he joins Anita Blake and the St. Louis Pride.

The pride is led by Jacob, the Rex/King, and it does not have a Regina/Queen because Jacob fears the position could do the pack more harm than good. The pride has not committed to a territory and constantly moves around, working as guns for hire.

Known membersEdit

  • Ellen - The pride's witch. She created a circle of power to stop Anita from contacting her people mind-to-mind but that, inadvertently, also caused their Rex to be cut off from his people who were following Anita's men.
  • Jacob - Rex of the pride.
  • Mike - One of Jacob's snipers. Tasked with following Micah and killing him if Jacob gave the order. He was captured by Jean-Claude's people. He was then tortured to reveal Anita's location.
  • Nicky - Another member of the pride that is completely rolled by Anita. Remained in St. Louis as Anita's "bride."
  • Silas - Another member of the pride who was tasked by Jacob to bring a prostitute so that she could be used as a white goat (sacrifice). He was gravely wounded by Anita. Later when Anita was getting ready to raise the zombie he turned on his own pride fearing that Anita has rolled the other two. He was later shot by Jacob to stop him from killing Anita. Anita then convinced Jacob to let her use Jacob as a sacrifice to raise Ilsa Bennington.

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