"Maybe she wasn't a threat to Jean-Claude, but I had no illusions about what she could do to me. She was a baby master, not full grown yet, but the power was there bubbling under the surface, crawling along my skin."
Anita Blake[src]

Ivy was a young master vampire, and one of Seraphina's kiss. She had brown hair, shaved on the sides, and wore several silver earrings. She appeared to display at least limited pyrokinesis, and Anita thought that Ivy had the potential to become an extremely powerful master vampire with age. However, Ivy failed Serephina, by allowing Anita to goad her into striking Anita while under truce. Serephina later punished Ivy by forcing her to attack Anita, and Anita killed her. Ivy's death gave Anita enough power to accidentally raise twenty zombies, over 200 years old, from the Bouvier's cemetery and free Bloody Bones from his prison.

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