Howard Grant is a clairvoyant who specializes in cheating rich, not-very-law-abiding people out of their money by sending them on wild goose chases against non-existing treasures. He's good enough at the game to not have accumulated a crime record. We meet him in Blue Moon, when he's working for Frank Niley.

Appearance Edit

Howard has a wide, almost surprised face and short, curly, brown hair. He seems to be afraid of almost everyone, but that might be because of the company he keeps.

History within series Edit

Frank Niley brings Howard to Myerton because he claimed that's where Spear of Destiny could be found. Howard quickly realizes he's in over his head while Niley keeps having people assaulted and murdered, but can't figure a way out of the situation. When he meets Anita he can see her aura and feels how powerful she is, and that likewise scares him, but not as much as Niley's another associate, sorcerer Linus Bech does.

After Niley has Richard's mother and brother kidnapped and takes Charlotte to be sacrificed to Linus's demon, Howard decides it's time to run for his life since there's no spear to be found. Unfortunately for him he runs into Anita on his way out, and gets detained by her associates. Thanks to his information Anita is able to save Charlotte. After everything is said and done Anita gives Howard the choice between jail and grave since his lies were the reason Niley came into town to cause all the suffering. Howard chooses to confess to some of his older crimes, and is imprisoned for fraud.