Haven is a werelion brought with Augustine from Chicago to try to take over the local pride. He is pale, with short, spiky blue hair, dyed so that many hues of blue are present, all mixed together, like real hair. His eyes are also a pale blue. Anita calls him Cookie (in reference to Cookie Monster). He has tattoos of Cookie Monster and Bert and Ernie from Sesame Street, and has implied that he has more.


Haven first arrives in St. Louis in Danse Macabre as a bodyguard for Augustine and as a pomme de sang candidate for Anita. He responds to Anita's lioness and starts a fight with Richard, but is defeated.

He was sent back to Chicago, by the beginning of The Harlequin, as Anita is attempting to preserve the local pride. However, when the local werelions refuse to help her (unlike the other members of the Lycanthrope Coalition), Haven returns. As a result, he takes over the local pride. Others claim he is in love with Anita as he finds himself wanting to be better than he is in order to not disappoint her.

In Bullet, Haven abuses and threatens the lions of his pride, making it a scary, unpleasant, and unsafe place. He threatened to attack the Circus to 'rescue' Anita from Jean Claude. He savagely beats Noel and Travis, almost killing Noel, because he believed Anita was sleeping with them. After Anita heals Noel he tries to punish him again. As a result a Haven gets into a fight with Anita, Claudia, Kelly, and Rosamund. Haven accidentally kills Noel, while trying to shoot Nathaniel. Anita kills him after he admits to attempting to kill Nathaniel. Anita admits that the loss of her 'Cookie Monster' hurt her, but not as much as the loss of Nathaniel and her other loves would have. Haven was the first lover she ever killed.