Harold Gaynor was a very rich paraplegic that wanted to raise a two-hundred-and-eighty-three-years old ancestor hoping to find the location of hidden treasure. Gaynor offered Anita millions to raise the zombie and was ready to supply the "white goat" necessary for the ritual. He is refused by Anita and her boss, but later send one of his bodyguard to try and convince her. After the second refusal he has his bodyguards kidnap Anita and bring her to his mansion. Gaynor had been working with Dominga Salvador in an attempt to raise the zombie, but because she was unable to, they needed Anita. It is revealed that Gaynor and Salvador had also worked with Peter Burke, but killed him after he raised one of Gaynor's ancestors that was also an animator.

Salvador accidentally makes Anita raise all the dead in the cemetery and then Anita uses them to kill both Salvador and Gaynor, and their bodies are never found.

Gaynor preferred to date handicapped women, as Wheelchair Wanda and Cicely, a deaf woman.

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